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Peter Caton

The Indashyikirwa Programme, Rwanda

The Indashyikirwa programme aimed to reduce intimate partner violence (IPV) and improve the wellbeing of survivors in selected communities in seven districts of Rwanda. It aimed to shift attitudes, behaviours and norms that support IPV among couples and wider communities. It had four key components: 

  • Intensive participatory training with couples (Couples Curriculum). 
  • Community-based activism led by a subset of individuals that completed the couples’ curriculum and received additional training. 
  • Direct support to survivors of IPV through women’s safe spaces. 
  • Training and engagement of opinion leaders. 

This brief gives details of the design and implementation of these different components, as well as the theory of change, programme timeframe and monitoring and evaluation strategy. It also summarises key lessons from the design and implementation of the programme.


Key quote "The linkages between the community, women’s safe spaces, and opinion leaders were critical to support the work of community activists"