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The Prevention Collaborative serves practitioners and social movements working to prevent violence against women and children
KNOWLEDGE > practice

Latest in Practice Shifting Social Norms in the Economy for Women’s Economic Empowerment

This document is a summary of the process and insights from the participants of a...

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KNOWLEDGE > evidence

Latest in Evidence Impact of the RHANI Wives intervention on marital conflict, IPV and sexual coercion in Mumbai

The Reducing HIV among Non-Infected (RHANI) Wives intervention is a multi-session intervention for married women...

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Latest in accompaniment Launch of CREAW Learning Partnership

The Prevention Collaborative and CREAW Kenya recently launched an 18 month learning partnership...

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Community > News and Debate

Latest in Community / Webinar Design Thinking for IPV Prevention

This webinar shares lessons from ‘Becoming One’, an innovative counselling programme for couples delivered through...

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Read about how our values underpin our work

We aim to serve:

We are focused on advancing VAW/C prevention, with all of our work in service to the violence prevention field and women's movements

We are generous in spirit:

In our words and actions we aim to demonstrate respect, humility, kindness and solidarity.

We are agile:

We strive to be non-bureaucratic, flexible and open. We avoid unnecessary hierarchies while being accountable to the mission, each other, partners and funders.

We are vibrant and reflective:

We approach our work with energy and optimism. We strive to infuse creativity and meaning in all our daily interactions.

We use four primary strategies
to achieve our goals

Our web-based "Knowledge Platform" provides curated and synthesised evidence designed to serve the needs of prevention activists and practitioners. The platform also provides assistance on programme design, model curricula, strategy advice, and resources for prevention planning.


Our Community is built upon the belief that no one is an expert in everything. We are all learning and we all have something to share. As a community, we share a commitment to highlighting the importance of both research and practice-based learning.


Our Accompaniment Programme matches specially trained Prevention Mentors with partner organisations that are seeking to share, strengthen and expand their programming on preventing violence against women and/or children. We offer longer-term Learning Partnerships and Strategic Advisory Services.


Our collectively defined advocacy agenda challenges key constraints in the current prevention field. We are shaping a new narrative on prevention to inspire action and increase commitment to preventing violence against women and children.

If we want to make more progress in preventing violence against women and children, we need to value various kinds of knowledge and evidence and make it accessible to activists and practitioners in different cultural contexts. Lyndsay McLean, Knowledge Manager, The Prevention Collaborative
Overall, violence against women and violence against children intersect in a number of important ways, and can no longer be understood as totally separate issues Emma Fulu, Prevention Collaborative Steering Committee