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Preparing and Training Staff or Facilitators

The skills, attitudes, and behaviours of staff or facilitators are key to successful programme implementation. This is particularly true for programmes that foster critical reflection to transform ideas about gender and violence, in which staff and facilitators are seen as role models.

It is important to select for gender-equitable and non-violent beliefs when hiring. It’s also critical to intensively train and support staff and facilitators throughout the implementation process. Training should include both experiencing the programme as a participant (including reflection on gender, power, privilege, and violence) and opportunities to practice facilitating in mock sessions.

Facilitators and staff also need ongoing supervision, mentorship, supportive feedback, and opportunities to integrate their learning and expertise into programme implementation; these steps will improve their skills and enhance their commitment and motivation. Organisations commonly underestimate the level of ongoing support that facilitators need, and budgets must include sufficient time for this essential activity.

This page assembles resources to help groups prepare and train staff and facilitators.

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