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Elevating the Value of Practice-Based Knowledge

We are all affected by a deep, longstanding bias that privileges ‘scientifically’ derived knowledge. Yet, diverse forms of learning and ‘evidence’ are critical for agile and effective prevention programmes.

In this webinar, we will deepen the conversation initiated in Istanbul around this existing knowledge hierarchy, and how the Collaborative can help redress this imbalance in the service of stronger programming.

First, we will suggest some definitions and share from Raising Voices experience in striving to nurture an organisational learning culture.

We will also discuss options for structures we can use, as mentors, to help our partners capture, document, and give value to practice-based knowledge accumulated from their day-to-day programming experiences.

The Webinar will include several questions for discussion and clarification.

Date published
  • 2018
  • Sophie Namy
Published by The Prevention Collaborative