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Parenting Programmes to Reduce Violence against Children and Women

Discover the unique opportunity of parent and caregiver support programmes to reduce family violence — specifically, violent discipline by parents or caregivers and intimate partner violence (IPV). Both types of violence often co-occur and have long-term consequences for children’s and women’s health and well-being, as well as child development. 

Developed by UNICEF, Prevention Collaborative, and Equimundo, this four-part series supports parenting practitioners to integrate violence prevention and gender equality promotion within parenting programmes. Learn how effective programmes often take a gender-transformative approach, working with women and men to challenge unequal gender norms and power dynamics. 

The briefs distill evidence on the intersection of these two types of violence and features of effective programmes. Gain concrete guidance on how to adapt parenting programmes to integrate violence prevention and gender equality and how to monitor and evaluate them. 

Read/Download all the briefs in this series.

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