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One of our core objectives is to ensure that research and practice-based knowledge on the causes of violence and how best to prevent it is synthesised and applied to improve the effectiveness of VAW and VAC prevention programmes.

  • About this Knowledge Platform

    This knowledge platform contains a mix of resources created by the Collaborative and sourced from various organisations and researchers working on violence prevention. Our primary aim is to provide resources that are useful for practitioners and activists – although the resources here will also be of interest to policymakers and researchers. The list of resources is not exhaustive, but purposely limited to a highly curated selection of what we consider to be the most relevant, accessible, high quality, and up-to-date resources.

  • What do we mean by 'Knowledge'?

    For the Prevention Collaborative, ‘knowledge’ includes a variety of forms of information – numerical, narrative, audio and visual – that can support collective understanding of the causes, consequences, dynamics, and experiences of VAW and VAC, as well as action to  prevent this violence. We believe that a relevant, useful body of knowledge is drawn from both formal research evidence and more informal practice-based learning, and meets the following criteria:

    • It comprises a diversity of voices and perspectives, and is generated by a range of actors including victims / survivors, community members, activists, practitioners and researchers.
    • Each type of knowledge is defined along with criteria for judging its quality and relevance, and a clear statement of its strengths and limitations.
    • It acknowledges how the knowledge is ‘situated’ – including the position of the author and the specific historical socio-cultural context to which it refers.
    • There is clear guidance on how the knowledge can be applied in practice.
  • Using this Knowledge Platform

    Each resource on our Knowledge Platform has been categorised according to a number of criteria, enabling you to easily browse and locate resources of relevance to you:

    • By type of violence e.g. intimate partner violence, violence against children
    • By topic e.g. social, norms, group training
    • By region e.g. Southeast Asia, West Africa
    • By population e.g. couples, men and boys
    • By focus: e.g. intervention, evaluation
    • By type of resource e.g. practice brief, study summary

    You can use the search bar above to do a quick search or click on the ‘advanced search’ button. Your search will produce a list of available resources according to your criteria, and if you click on the resource, you will find a page with a summary about the resource where you can download it.