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Understanding the Context

What do you need to know before you get started? Understanding the specific context in which a programme will be implemented is the first step in ensuring its success. This includes understanding the nature, causes, and consequences of violence in your context and also the existing global and local evidence on violence prevention. You also need to understand the key stakeholders and existing systems that are important to engage with, as well as your available human and financial resources and capacity.

At a minimum, you should review existing studies and reports on violence from your setting, talk to others who have insights and local experience, and articulate your group’s existing practice-based knowledge. With more time and resources, you can conduct formative research or enlist community members in a participatory process to map stakeholders and identify prevailing norms and beliefs.

This page highlights guides and resources to help you gather information about your setting, and it includes high-quality work in this area from sister organisations to inspire your efforts.


Problem Analysis Guide

TearFund (2017)
Shares a variety of creative tools and activities to understand the context in which you intend to work, identifying the key issues and where you could apply resources to achieve the most impact.
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