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Kathy Durand

Portrait Of Kathy Durand

[email protected]

Kathy is a development specialist focusing on the capacity development of individuals and organisations using an inclusive, participatory approach. A facilitator of both process and learning, in recent years Kathy has focused on feminist, innovative approaches and on strengthening organisational capacity.

With over 10 years of managing global virtual teams and organisations, Kathy is a strong believer in inclusive and open management and emphasises communication as a key component of organisational and partnership success. She has worked across a number of sectors, including girls’ education, water and sanitation, local governance, and youth entrepreneurship. Over the past 25 years, Kathy has worked in partnership with NGOs, national and local governments in a number of African countries, and the Government of Canada and its multilateral partners.

Kathy is currently based in Ottawa, Canada. When she’s not working, Kathy is an avid reader and is happy to share or receive recommendations on what to read next.

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