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Dominique Maidment

Portrait Of Dominque Maidment

[email protected]

Dominique is a specialist in the prevention of violence against women and girls, with over a decade’s experience working with grassroots organisations, international NGOs, and United Nations agencies.

She has worked in diverse low-resource settings across Asia and the Pacific, including humanitarian, conflict-affected, and development contexts. Her work includes providing ongoing technical accompaniment to nontraditional actors working to prevent violence against women and girls, including faith-based organisations, disability rights activists, and organisations working with adolescent girls, as well as service delivery organisations and national governments.

All her work emphasises capacity development, local ownership, and sustainability of initiatives while ensuring that violence prevention interventions are aligned with best practice and centre the safety and voices of women and girls. Dominique is based in northern Thailand, loves the mountains, and wishes they were a little closer to the sea.

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