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Learning Partnership with CREAW Kenya: July 2019 - January 2021

In August 2019, the Prevention Collaborative and CREAW Kenya launched an 18 month learning partnership.  The objectives of the partnership are to support CREAW to develop, document and disseminate a community-based IPV prevention model building on their strong track record of providing VAW response services and access to justice for survivors.

Our mentor team Lyndsay McLean and Lina Digolo facilitated a first workshop with 19 CREAW staff from 5th-7th August 2019. During this workshop, we reflected together on CREAW’s past and current VAW  programming, and did learning sessions on prevention, key prevention approaches and the global evidence base. As a result of this workshop, the following priority areas were identified for the Learning Partnership:

  1. To support CREAW to develop/integrate a new prevention approach that is owned and understood by the programme teams.
  2. To support CREAW to develop a clear theory of change for this approach / model that is owned and understood by the programme teams.
  3. To support CREAW to develop a research & MEL strategy for this approach /model that is owned and understood by the programme teams.


In the second workshop from 16th-19th September, we examined the results of CREAW’s mapping of existing evidence on VAW in Kenya as well as current prevention approaches and organisations in Kenya. We then explored a number of IPV prevention approaches in detail to support CREAW to decide which approach would be suited to the contexts in which the organisation works. We then worked together to start to develop the programme theory of change and detail the proposed interventions.

Over coming months, Lina and Lyndsay will provide a mixture of face-to-face and virtual support as CREAW further develops and pilots a new IPV prevention programme.


Lyndsay McLean
Workshop 1: Mapping risk factors

CREAW staff worked in small teams to map the risk factors for VAW in their programme contexts onto the socio-ecological model.
Workshop 2: Agreeing the programme development process

The CREAW team did an interactive exercise to agree the process they wanted to follow to research, design, pilot and implement a new prevention programme.
Workshop 2: Developing the Theory of Change

The CREAW team mapped the pathways between the planned interventions and the changes in knowledge and behaviours needed to prevent IPV.