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Will You Be My Mother? (VAC Advocacy Video)

Will You Be My Mother? is part one of ‘Will You Ever Forgive Me?’ a feature length film that documents four poignant stories told from children’s perspectives. Each story focuses on a child’s struggle to make adults come face to face with the truth that violence against children degrades everyone, including the perpetrator. As adults struggle to redeem themselves from the guilt of causing so much pain to the children, the children demonstrate that their spirits and imagination are larger than their short years of experience would lead us to believe.

Sometimes children pay for the pain adults go through. Deno hoped for a mother and instead got a hurt adult who could not contain her own pain. Deno’s step-mother had decided that every time she was abused by her husband, Deno would pay the price. This story is about Deno’s struggle to break this destructive chain of violence and how it takes a community to help individuals emerge from such a prison.

Date published
  • 2013
Published by Raising Voices