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Nolte Lourens /

Upcoming Webinar: Can Culturally Appropriate Male Engagement Approaches Reduce Violence Against Women and Children?

In Rwanda, a violence prevention intervention sought to change gender inequality by influencing everyday interactions between couples. The Rwanda Men’s Resource Center designed the Bandebereho programme to promote positive fatherhood and gender equality amongst expectant fathers, fathers of children under five years, and their partners. Evidence from a randomised controlled trial of the programme showed a significant reduction in physical and sexual violence against women, reduced physical punishment against children from both women and men, increased use of modern contraceptives, and men spending more time on caregiving and domestic tasks. Learn about the programme design and evaluation in our next webinar.

Date and Time: September 27, 2019 6:30pm India ; 3:30pm Nairobi; 8:30am New York

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Date published
  • 2019
Published by The Prevention Collaborative