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UN Women

The Do Kadam Barabari Ki Ore Violence Prevention Programme: Women’s Intervention in Bihar, India

This intervention targeted married women in existing village-level self-help groups (SHGs) in Nawada, Bihar. It provided gender transformative learning sessions on violence against women(VAW) together with financial literacy and livelihoods training opportunities. It aimed to: 1) change attitudes related to gender roles among women; 2) reduce women’s experience of emotional, physical, and sexual violence within marriage; and 3) empower women through building their financial and social assets.

Overall, the intervention contributed to improving women’s agency—with respect to decision-making, financial literacy and access to social support. It also succeeded in positive changes to women’s attitudes about gender roles and the acceptability of men’s controlling behaviours. However, the effects on women’s experience of marital violence were mixed with those in the intervention reporting reduced experience of physical violence, but increased experience of emotional violence. There was no effect on levels of sexual violence in marriage.