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UN Women

Transfers, Behaviour Change Communication, and Intimate Partner Violence: Post-programme Evidence from Rural Bangladesh

While transfers, such as cash and food, are a popular intervention to address intimate partner violence (IPV), this paper asks, what happens to IPV after the transfer activities end.

It provides evidence from a pilot social safety net programme in rural Bangladesh that targeted women from very poor households, who were randomly assigned to receive food and cash, with or without intensive nutrition behaviour change communication (BCC).

Based on survey data on IPV collected six to ten months after the intervention ended, this paper shows the post-programme impact on IPV, while providing separate estimates of effects only from the transfers and the effects of transfers with BCC.

Overall, the paper shows that women who received only the transfers reported no significant difference in the experiences of any form of IPV six to ten months after the programme ended. However, the women who received the transfers with BCC reported a 26 percent reduction in experiences of physical IPV.

Date published
  • 2017
  • Shalini Roy
  • Melissa Hidrobo
  • John Hoddinott
  • Akhter Ahmed
Published by International Food Policy Research Institute