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Towards More Effective Strategies to Prevent Violence Against Women and Children: A Prevention Collaborative Analysis

This paper outlines the analysis that informed the founding of the Prevention Collaborative, and locates our efforts within the wider violence prevention field. Specifically, it describes the landscape of violence prevention circa 2019:

  • Section 1: The achievements and strengths of the violence prevention field 
  • Section 2: The structural challenges—both external and internal—that encumber progress 
  • Section 3: The Prevention Collaborative’s structure and priorities and how our strategies attempt to address these challenges and opportunities. 

This paper mostly focuses on violence against women (VAW) and a follow up paper will outline our work on the intersections between VAW and violence against children (VAC). 


This paper was a collaborative effort between several people involved in the Prevention Collaborative, who variously provided leadership, wrote sections, provided extensive comments and proofread the final draft.

Our thanks go to Clara Alemann, Tamara Braam, Kathy Durand Lori Heise, Prashanthi Jayasekara, Anjalee Kohli, James Lang, Evelyn Letiyo, Céline Mazars, Lyndsay McLean, Lori Michau, Sophie Namy, Elizabeth Starmann,  and Robyn Yaker.

Date published
  • 2019
Published by The Prevention Collaborative