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Towards a Feminist Understanding of Intersecting Violence Against Women and Children in the Family

This study explores a gap in literature on the intersections of intimate partner violence (IPV) against women and violence against children (VAC) by answering how and why such intersections take place, particularly in the Global South. Through a feminist analysis, it explores the shared perceptions and experiences of IPV and VAC using qualitative data collected in December 2015 from adults and children in Kampala, Uganda. The study found that patriarchal family structures create an environment that normalises many forms of violence, including various forms of violence against women and their children. It identified four potential patterns that suggest how IPV and VAC not only co-occur, but more profoundly intersect within the family, triggering cycles of emotional and physical abuse: bystander trauma, negative role modelling, further victimisation, and displaced aggression.

Date published
  • 2017
  • Sophie Namy
  • Catherine Carlson
  • Kathleen O'Hara
  • Janet Nakuti
  • Paul Bukuluki
  • Julius Lwanyaaga
  • Sylvia Namakula
  • Barbrah Nanyunja
  • Milton L. Wainberg
  • Dipak Naker
  • Lori Michau
Published by Social Science and Medicine