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The Prevention Collaborative: Knowledge Strategy

One of the Prevention Collaborative’s core objectives is to ensure that existing research and practice-based knowledge on the causes of violence and how best to prevent it is understood and applied to improve the effectiveness of programmes to prevent violence against women and their children (VAW/C). The Collaborative is therefore committed to identify and synthesize diverse forms of knowledge and evidence and make it accessible and usable for various actors in the violence prevention community. This strategy sets out our objectives for our knowledge work and how we hope to achieve them.


  • To curate and develop a selection of high quality, accessible evidence and ‘practice-based’ resources to support practitioners and programme managers to design and implement effective violence prevention programmes.
  • To curate and produce training and learning resources to support the capacity strengthening of Learning Partners, Mentors, and the wider violence prevention field.
  • To package resources for different audiences and launch and disseminate them via different social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp) and our partners and allies.
  • To elevate practitioner and activist voices and experiences and diverse forms of knowledge – especially from the Global South – that can help to understand and improve violence prevention initiatives.
  • To facilitate a dialogue in the prevention field on Practice-Based Knowledge, why it is important, how it can be captured, synthesised and applied to improve prevention programming.
Date published
  • 2019
Published by The Prevention Collaborative