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The Impact of SAFE on Intimate Partner Violence in Slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh

This study evaluated the Growing up Safe and Healthy (SAFE) programme, a multi-component intervention implemented in 2012-2013, which aimed to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and reduce intimate partner violence (IPV) among women and girls in urban slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The study was the first in South Asia to measure outcomes at a community rather than individual or group level. The three-armed cluster randomized control trial compared the implementation of: (i) A community mobilization campaign + legal and health services only (C); (ii) C plus workshops with female groups (C+F); (iii) C plus separate workshops with female and male groups (C+F+M).

The study found that a lower proportion of women in all arms reported physical, sexual, economic and emotional IPV at endline compared to baseline, but overall there was no statistically significant impact of SAFE (adding in the female + male groups) on IPV against women aged 15-29. However, there was a 21% risk reduction of physical IPV against adolescent girls aged 15-19 in the C+F+M arm.