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Binyam Teshone / World Bank

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a gender-transformative, group and community-based initiative designed to respond to multiple sexual and reproductive health challenges. It aims to reduce both HIV transmission and intimate partner violence (IPV) by:

  • Increasing sexual and reproductive health knowledge, communication skills and awareness of gender inequity through small group sessions; and 
  • Promoting communication between genders and generations in larger meetings.

Stepping Stones has been widely used, but not all adaptations have been monitored or evaluated to the same extent. Most evaluations find evidence of positive impacts, including on some measures of IPV and risk factors for HIV, though these benefits frequently are not statistically significant, consistent over time, or comparable between contexts. 

This programme summary highlights the key programme elements and adaptations as well as lessons learned.

Read our study summary of the Stepping Stones trial in South Africa.

Link to the Stepping Stones website for more resources.