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Raising Voices

Social Norms Change at Scale: Insights from SASA!

This case study documents the SASA! intervention that uses community mobilisation to change norms and behaviours that perpetuate gender inequality, violence and vulnerability of women to HIV. This paper explains how different components of the programme, including training, awareness raising, and support, foster community-led mobilisation to share information on VAW and introduce new concepts related to gender and power to the community. Through a combination of activities, individuals and groups are encouraged to get involved and strengthened to create social norms change within communities to prevent and reduce intimate partner violence and vulnerability to HIV.

Date published
  • 2018
  • Lori Michau
  • Evelyn Letiyo
  • Tina Musuya
  • Leah Goldmann
Published by Community for Understanding Scale Up (CUSP)