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Rethinking Domestic Violence: A Training Process for Community Activists

This training guide and toolkit by Raising Voices provides capacity to prevent domestic violence for diverse stakeholders, including NGO workers, activists, police officers, community leaders, healthcare workers, teachers, religious leaders, among others. In this four-part training series, the participants are encouraged to think, discuss, and take action to prevent domestic violence.

In the introductory section, a general overview of the training and key ideas of domestic violence and prevention is provided. The Section One of the series provides guidance for groups to discuss about belief systems in the community, gender and norms, as well as learn about women’s rights, their importance and the obligation to protect them.

In Section Two, the participants in each group are given the tools to discuss about their own understanding and experiences of domestic violence. Through these discussions, the participants are encouraged to come into a deeper understanding of why action is needed to prevent domestic violence.

Section Three provides tools for the participants to discuss and understand the personal skills and qualities necessary to take action against domestic violence. In Section Four, the participants come together, as individuals or small groups, to develop action plans to address domestic violence in their community. They discuss mechanisms to support each other.

The full toolkit can be found on the Raising Voices website.

Date published
  • 2004
  • Dipak Naker
  • Lori Michau
Published by Raising Voices