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Respectful Relationships Education Toolkit

The Our Watch Respectful Relationships Education Toolkit was designed to help schools to develop and sustain a whole school approach to prevent gender-based violence by promoting gender equality and respectful relationships.  It includes:

  • Background, definition and awareness of Respectful Relationships Education; 
  • Elements of the whole school approach to Respectful Relationships Education;
  • Respectful Relationships Education annual cycle;
  • Do’s and don’ts of Respectful Relationships Education. 

Respectful Relationship Education

In line with evidence on the specific key drivers of gender- based violence, Respectful Relationships Education aims to: 

  • Challenge condoning of gender-based violence 
  • Promote women’s independence and decision making 
  • Challenge gender stereotypes and roles 
  • Strengthen positive, equal and respectful relationships. 
Date published
  • 2017
Published by Our Watch