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UNDP Sri Lanka

Redefining Norms to Empower Women: Experiences and Lessons Learned

This report documents CARE’s learnings in measuring social norms change through the Redefining Norms to Empower Women (ReNEW) project in Sri Lanka. Between 2014 and 2016, this project worked with selected communities in Sri Lanka’s tea plantations, to challenge the practice of harmful social norms that cause Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). It reflected on measuring social norms change to reduce IPV with respect to social norms theory. Findings revealed that the practice of harmful social norms were weakened during the implementation period, such as the practice of male aggression in conflict between husband and wife. However, findings after a year from intervention showed that the practice of harmful social norms was still high.

Date published
  • 2016
Published by CARE International