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Raising Voices Good School Toolkit

Raising Voices has developed this toolkit as a response to the research evidence that suggests the incidence of violence at schools on a regular basis. The toolkit provides a holistic and sustainable methodology that equips educators and as well as students for creating violence-free schools.

The toolkit consists of six steps for creating a good school, with detailed information and instructions on activities that can be implemented by teachers, students and the community at large. It also consists of child friendly cartoon booklets and posters to promote key ideas in the toolkit.

The complete toolkit consists of three packages that provide introductory guidance on creating a good school, specific guidance for educators regarding what it means to be a good teacher, on preparing teams for creating a good school, establishing school cultures and disciplinary methods that do not involve corporal punishment, and tools to reflect, measure and celebrate success in creating a good school.

The complete toolkit can be found on the Raising Voices website.

Date published
  • 2015
Published by Raising Voices