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Preventing Violence against Women and Girls: Engaging Men through Accountable Practice— PART 1 Introductory Guide

This three-part resource package by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides practical insights on engaging men and boys in preventing VAWG in humanitarian settings. It is developed using IRC’s best practices in facilitating gender transformative programming since 2003 in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc.

The resource package contains introductory guidance, a training guide and an implementation guide to design and implement a one-year primary violence prevention programme that engages men and boys. Programme staff are provided with practical insights on engaging men and boys to give them the knowledge and tools to reduce harmful belief systems and behaviours, and increase gender equality within homes and communities. It provides insights on how prevention programmes can be guided by the voices of women and girls, and remaining accountable for transformative change.

Contents of Part 1— Introductory Guide

This introductory guide contains key information on the requirements of the intervention and provides guidance on how to begin planning.

It covers the following four sections:

1.  Information regarding the guiding principals of Engaging Men through Accountable Practice (EMAP);

2. An overview of the tools and activities to support programme staff using the framework, along with examples of different levels of Accountable Practice.

3.  Practical information on programme goals, implementation phases, organisational requirements, resources for staffing and curricula, and monitoring and evaluation tools.

4. Step-by-step recommendations for pre-implementation planning and key actions.