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Adolfo Lujan

Piecing Together the Evidence on Social Norms and Violence Against Women

Developed by the Equality Institute, this booklet maps the current state of evidence on violence against women and girls (VAWG), with a specific focus on the drivers and contributing factors of violence. It provides a special reference to social norms, and gives effective strategies for the prevention of VAWG and response to harmful social norms.

Contents of the Booklet

The booklet sets out an overview of definitions, to provide an understanding of what is VAWG, and unpacks what drives violence by explaining gender inequality and gendered drivers. It explains key frameworks that are useful to understand violence, such as social-ecological model and intersectionality.

It also unpacks, in detail, what are the social norms, and how they contribute to violence. Explanations are provided on the links between social norms and gender constructions, such as masculinities and femininities, and how they contribute to violence.

Moreover, the booklet provides key strategies on how to prevent violence against women and girls, specifically concerning social norms. It unpacks what change processes look like, and key aspects such as creating supportive legislative and policy environments, innovation and ongoing learning, and creative ways of communicating and sharing findings.

Date published
  • 2017
Published by The Equality Institute