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Annie Holmes / Mwanza Intervention Trials Unit

MAISHA Intervention in Tanzania

MAISHA is a social empowerment intervention designed to build healthy, violence-free relationships. Two trained female facilitators deliver 10 sessions to groups of about 20 women. The women attend these participatory, reflective and transformative sessions covering topics related to gender, power, violence and relationship skills over a 20-week period.

When MAISHA was delivered to women participating in established microfinance loan groups, it had an impact on physical intimate partner violence (IPV) over and above any impact realized through participating in loan groups alone. By contrast, MAISHA did not appear to have an impact on IPV when delivered to groups of women recruited from the neighbourhood rather than from established loan groups.

Programme at a Glance

Type of Intervention
Group-based social empowerment training

Women in established microfinance groups, women in newly-formed neighbourhood groups (not participating in microfinance)

Number of Participants
20 participants per group

Two trained female facilitators per group

Number of Sessions
10 sessions (a session every other week over 20 weeks)

Gender norms, gender roles, healthy and unhealthy relationships, power and control in relationships, negotiation, communication, violence, personal boundaries, nonviolent conflict resolution, empowering change