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INSPIRE Indicator Guidance and Results Framework

The INSPIRE Indicator Guidance and Results Framework is a follow up of the INSPIRE Handbook that provides seven core strategies to improve programmes and services addressing violence against children. It provides guidance and tools that help governments and non-governmental organisations to track the progress of implementation of the seven strategies.

As such, this document provides detailed guidance, key definitions, and core indicators that are useful to monitor changes and measure success in implementation over time. It caters to various stakeholders across multiple sectors, including policy makers and legislators, planners, practitioners, funders among others, who work in different countries and communities.

There are seven specific chapters that provide specific guidance on the seven INSPIRE strategies. They include: Implementation and enforcement of laws; Norms and values; Safe environments; Parent and caregiver support; Income and economic strengthening; Response and support services; and Education and life skills.

Date published
  • 2018
Published by United Nations Children’s Fund