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INSPIRE Handbook: Action for Implementing the Seven Strategies for Ending Violence Against Children

The INSPIRE handbook is comprised of evidence based strategies to improve programmes and services addressing violence against children. It caters to various stakeholders across multiple sectors, including policy makers and legislators, planners, practitioners, funders among others, who work in different countries and communities.

There are seven specific chapters in the handbook that elaborate seven strategies to choose and implement according to specific intervention needs and context. They include: Implementation and enforcement of laws; Norms and values; Safe environments; Parent and caregiver support; Income and economic strengthening; Response and support services; and Education and life skills

The handbook provides important concepts and suggestions for developing and implementing national and local plans, strategies for adapting programmes to local contexts, with important considerations for funding and resource mobilisation, scaling up, involving children, and tips for multisectoral collaboration and monitoring and evaluation.

Date published
  • 2018
Published by World Health Organization