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Indashyikirwa Community Activist Training Module

This training module was developed to equip Indashyikirwa community activists with the skills to conduct community-based activism to prevent violence against women. This training module complements the Indashyikirwa Couples’ curriculum, with guidance on sessions and activities to foster progressive learning for community activists.

The training module enables the participants to understand what is community activism and the key roles of activists, and what are the fundamentals that are needed to get started. The activities suggested in the module will help the participants identify specific skills necessary for activism, and understand the Key Stages of Change of Indashyikirwa, and how activism can be linked to the Key Stages of Change.

By providing an emphasis on power as the core content of community activism, this training module guides the participants how to link  the four phases of community activism and the four types of power discussed in the module, and the contents of community activism at each phase.