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Impact of the RHANI Wives Intervention on Marital Conflict, IPV and Sexual Coercion in Mumbai

The Reducing HIV among Non-Infected (RHANI) Wives intervention is a multi-session intervention for married women focused on building skills to deal with, and respond to, marital difficulties. 

This study was conducted to evaluate the impact of RHANI Wives on marital conflict, intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual coercion in a low-income, urban community in Mumbai.   

Geographic areas within the target community were randomised to receive either the RHANI Wives intervention or a single-session control intervention. Participating women were compared on self-reported measures of marital conflict, physical/sexual violence, and sexual coercion. 

All participants in both the RHANI wives and control groups reported less marital conflict, lower levels of physical/sexual violence and sexual coercion over time, but RHANI Wives participants reported significantly less marital conflict and sexual coercion than control participants. However, no added benefit of the RHANI Wives programme was observed for self-reported physical/sexual IPV.

Date published
  • 2019
Published by The Prevention Collaborative