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Identifying and Describing Approaches and Attributes of Normative Change Interventions

While there is much interest in the public health field on the application of social norms change approach, there is seldom consensus or common standard about what constitutes the approach and its use. As such, this background paper by the Learning Collaborative (LC) to Advance Research and Practice on Normative Change for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Well-being, reviews existing evidence on social norm change theory and its application in programming in the public health field.

This review particularly looks into definitions associated to a community-based social norm change intervention to improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes (SRH), and what constitutes such an intervention. It compares with other forms of community-based programming. It concludes that social norms change is only one part of creating positive behavioural change, and may require additional interventions to change attitudes and/or material and structural conditions of an individual or a community.

Date published
  • 2017
  • Robyn Yaker
Published by Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University