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Raising Voices

Fidelity to the SASA ! Activist Kit

This programme brief elaborates the significance of the methodology of SASA!—a community mobilisation approach to prevent violence against women (VAW) and HIV, by Raising Voices in Uganda. It unpacks the importance of SASA! methodology, and its use in different contexts.

This brief includes four essentials of the SASA! methodology to create impact, and practical suggestions for the successful implementation. Thus, it aims to equip organisations, both already implementing SASA! and those that are planning to implement SASA!, on the planning process, and how to make improvements to existing SASA! programmes.

This programme brief explains the following four essentials of the SASA! methodology: the focus on a power imbalance between women and men at both individual and structural levels; scaling of individual behaviour change to the community level; changing social norms at all levels of the community; and inspiring individuals and groups within communities to take action.

Date published
  • 2017
Published by Raising Voices