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Building a Shared Agenda on the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls

In March 2019, Wilton Park in partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund (WPF) gathered 50 diverse actors in the violence against women and girls (VAWG) prevention field. This report is comprised of key highlights from their deliberations that focused on the latest evidence in the VAWG field and the opportunities presented by this new knowledge to reach the goal of eradicating VAWG globally. This Wilton Park report covers the following areas:

  • The latest evidence on what works to prevent VAWG and how this is linked to broader development goals;
  • Examples of effective policies and programme design from diverse sectors and regions;
  • Identified effective strategies for scaling up violence prevention;
  • Key learnings about building consensus around priorities for action and investment, and how to progress these priorities.

Key Recommendations for Advancing the VAWG Prevention Field

  1. Build wider consensus within the VAWG prevention field, focusing to reach organisations in the global south and build new partnerships to utilise significant resources;
  2. Develop a collective narrative on VAWG prevention and enhance better coordinated efforts within the field to advance the prevention agenda;
  3. Support and strengthen women’s movement and women’s rights organisations by recognising their important contributions to VAWG prevention and responding to the issues of funding and political threats they face;
  4. Increase funding for the larger VAWG prevention field to achieve its global violence prevention and response agenda;
  5. Continue to address evidence and knowledge gaps in the field while elevating practitioner knowledge and evidence from the global south;
  6. Retain the political heart of VAWG prevention work to transform underlining power and structures that uphold gender inequality, and to increase women’s choices, bodily integrity and happiness;
  7. Build trust and self-care to strengthen and sustain action to prevent VAWG;
  8. Broaden the focus on VAWG to address all forms of violence, taking into account the diverse and intersecting experiences of marginalised groups of women such as sex workers, people with disabilities, adolescent girls, trans women amongst others.