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Breaking the Cycle: An Action Guide on the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence Among Youth

Breaking the Cycle is a training programme that was launched in 2017 to provide tools for working with young people in the area of gender-based violence (GBV). It brings together expertise from different parts of the world and focuses on transnational and non-formal learning for the prevention of GBV. 

The training manual equips educators working with young people with skills regarding the prevention of GBV. It provides knowledge regarding different factors that generate and perpetuate GBV, and as well as tools to prevent and stop GBV among young people. 

The educators working in youth clubs, schools and other formal and informal settings are given an understanding of the concepts related to gender, sex, and violence. They are provided an understanding of how different social constructions contribute to GBV, such as the links between different types of masculinities and GBV. The training encourages advocacy and activism to end GBV among young people. 

The training manual encourages non-formal learning where the trainer and the participant are brought together within an equal setting. The trainers and the participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas, knowledge, and experience to share, listen, debate, and reflect. 

Breaking the Cycle Training Manual Contents

The training manual proposes different activities such as personal reflections, recreational activities, role plays, audio-visual media and other methods for the transfer of skills and knowledge between the trainers and participants. 

Five different, but complementary, sessions cover gender concepts, social constructions, gender-based violence, masculinities, and taking action that involves various activities. It also provides tools to evaluate each session and as well as the overall programme.