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Bandebereho programme

Bandebereho Couples’ Intervention to Promote Male Engagement in Rwanda

The Bandebereho (or “role model”) intervention was based on Program P and part of the global MenCare fatherhood campaign. It aimed to promote positive fatherhood and gender equality amongst expectant fathers and fathers of children under five years, and their partners, in order to shift gender-power imbalances and reduce intimate partner violence in the home. 

The Bandebereho programme included small group workshops based on a 15-session curriculum to enable couples to share, discuss and critically reflect on inequitable gender norms, attitudes and behaviours in the home. It covered areas such as gender and power, fatherhood, couples communication, joint decision making, intimate partner violence, caregiving, and male engagement in maternal, newborn and child health. A robust evaluation of the couples intervention showed substantial improvement across multiple outcomes including violence against women and violence against children.

Date published
  • 2019
Published by The Prevention Collaborative
Key quote "Ensure the intervention is gender-transformative: The results suggest that a focus on critical reflection and skills building around gender, power, relationships and parenthood are essential to the success of such interventions. "