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Applying Social Norms Theory for Measurement [Presentation]

These slides summarise how CARE sought to apply social norms theory to practice in three different programmes:

  • Sri Lanka: An IPV prevention programme focused on male engagement and media campaigns.
  • Ethiopia: An adolescent empowerment and early marriage mitigation programme.
  • Ethiopia: A programme on girls empowerment, early marriage prevention, improvement of health and nutrition outcomes.

It outlines how CARE defined and measured social norms at the formative research stage, at baseline, during monitoring, and at endline. It also presents CARE’s Social Norms Analysis Plot (SNAP) framework, and how this was applied to analyse the data.

Date published
  • 2016
  • Leigh Stefanik
Published by CARE USA
Key quote "Peer/social pressure is key, especially anticipation of negative social sanctions."