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Anoo Bhuyan

A Review of Communication Initiatives Addressing GBV, Gender Norms, and Harmful Traditional Practices in Crisis-Affected Settings

This is a review of development communication initiatives across the world to prevent gender-based violence (GBV), harmful traditional practices (HTP), related health concerns, and promote positive gender norms in crisis-affected settings. The review was conducted to answer the question: what best practices and practical lessons can be drawn from existing programmes? Seventy-five programmes were identified, and several programmes of special relevance were profiled, examining the approach used, key participatory elements, and evaluation findings.

Overall, this review indicates the need to increase the number of genuinely participatory, and contextually specific, development communication programmes in conflict-affected areas where GBV and HTP are especially pervasive. It also suggests the importance of wider sharing of lessons from past and current programmes, more regular monitoring and evaluation, and improved dissemination and discussion of programme experiences as a way to inform and strengthen future efforts.