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Becoming One

Impact Assessment of the COMBAT Intervention to Prevent VAWG in Rural Ghana

This is a summary of an evaluation of the COMBAT violence prevention intervention conducted in rural Ghana. This intervention aimed to prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG) through trained community members to raise awareness about VAWG, to change norms and attitudes that contribute to VAWG, work with couples experiencing VAWG and provide support for victims with access to justice and services from the Government and community-level structures.

The evaluation consisted of quantitative and qualitative interviews of two out of four COMBAT districts randomised to receive the intervention and two to be control. Randomly selected men and women were interviewed at baseline and endline. Qualitative interviews were also conducted at mid-line.

Overall, the study revealed that the COMBAT intervention, during its 18 month delivery period, had reduced IPV reported by women.