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Get Involved

Our aim is to be of service to the VAW and VAC prevention communities, and there are various ways that you can get involved or parter with us as an individual or an organisation.

  • Get involved as an individual

    There are a number of ways to get involved as an individual:

    1. Become a member: Sign up on this website to indicate that you agree with the mission and values of the Prevention Collaborative, and would like to become a member. You will receive a regular newsletter, be able to access the knowledge and learning resources.

    2. Contribute: If you know of research or practice-based resources that you find very useful and think should be featured on our knowledge platform, or wish to offer your services to run a webinar or write a knowledge resource in an area of your expertise, please share them here.

    3. Become a Prevention Mentor: If you have experience of working on VAW and VAC programming and would like to support organisations to develop and improve their programming, you could consider applying to be a Prevention Mentor. We send out annual calls for new applications.

    4. Join our team: From time to time, we advertise positions for our core team of staff. We are also interested in diversifying membership of our Stewardship Committee, so please get in touch if you are interested.

  • Get involved as an organisation

    There are a number of ways to get involved as an organisation:

    1. NGOs, CSOs and Women’s Organisations: Through our learning partnerships, we can support you to develop your organisation’s understanding of the latest evidence on interventions for violence prevention. We will support your team to apply this evidence to your context, adapt and innovate to develop and implement effective prevention programmes.

    2. Donors: Do you have grantees that would benefit from learning about the latest evidence on what’s working to prevent VAW or VAC? Would they benefit from some support and capacity building on prevention programming? Consider engaging us to provide on-going accompaniment to your grantees through design and implementation.  We can also advise on your strategy to engage in VAW or VAC prevention.

    3. INGOs: Would your organisation and partners benefit from applying the latest evidence and methods to violence prevention programme design methods? Consider partnering with us to supplement your in-house violence expertise and support your country offices on programming related to VAW. We can also provide accompaniment to support your local partners to learn from evidence, and to design, implement and evaluate VAW and VAC prevention programmes.

    4. Organisations bidding for funding: Is your organisation bidding for a contract that includes preventing VAW and/or VAC as one of its components?  Consider hiring us to help flesh out a strategy on violence prevention, using the latest evidence and practice-based insights.  You can also include budget in the bid for on-going accompaniment with one of our Prevention Mentors.

    5. Research Institutes: We work with researchers to synthesise evidence and learning, including across different studies. We can help your researchers to disseminate their results with partners and increase their utilisation. We can also support the research process though out by acting as a bridge between researchers and implementing organisations, ensuring effective collaboration.

    Write to us to start a dialogue