Using this Platform

This knowledge platform contains a mix of resources from the Prevention Collaborative and various other organisations and researchers working on violence prevention.

We aim to provide resources for practitioners and activists — which will be of interest to policymakers and researchers as well. Our list of resources is not exhaustive, but highly curated to serve you with the most relevant, accessible, high quality, and up-to-date resources.

You can access different resources in three main ways:
(i) By resource type - different categories of resources in our evidence, practice and community sections
(ii) By topic - we have curated key written and multimedia resources on different topic
(iii) By prevention programme - we have collected resources together or key evidence-based programmes

In each section of the platform, users can browse resources by: “latest resources,” “Prevention Collaborative resources” and “popular resources” (in terms of user views) and can search by a number of parameters:

  • Focus (e.g. intervention, research, costing)
  • Topic (e.g. social norms, substance abuse)
  • Region (e.g. Southern Africa, Middle East)
  • Type of violence (e.g. Intimate Partner Violence, Non-partner sexual violence)
  • Population (e.g. children/adolescents, VAWG survivors, men and boys)

The knowledge platform has a summary page for each resource giving the user a quick overview of the resource and then allowing the user to download, share and comment on each resource.