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Our Governance

The Prevention Collaborative is a mission driven network made up of individuals who share common goals and values. Our vision is of an agile network where individuals come together to pursue common projects that advance the network’s goals.

We aim to create an adaptive organisational structure that supports our mission without stifling creativity, and that evolves as needs and opportunities change. To promote agility and creativity, we are building a network of people and organisations who bring diverse perspectives and experiences and who are committed to continuous innovation and learning to prevent VAW/C. We believe that a networked approach:

  • Recognises the fluidity of the work and the stakeholders who are already working in the field
  • Promotes flexibility, creativity and collaboration, all necessary ingredients for change
  • Allows people to contribute to the work in different ways and at different times.


We have a Stewardship Council and a Core Team who are responsible for taking forward our mandate. We work together closely with partners and our Prevention Mentors to learn from experience, best practice and evidence. The key elements of our approach include:

  • Partnership: We aim to work together with key organisations and individuals in the field to compliment what is already happening and avoid duplication. We enter partnerships with the spirit of collaboration, active listening and shared learning.
  • Open decision making: We recognise that decision making is a key element of power within an organisation and thus we are explicit and transparent in who makes what decisions, and how decisions are made. We aim to spread decision making authority across our team to empower individuals and ensure agility.
  • Mutual accountability: We hold each other responsible for protecting and advancing our mission.
The Stewardship Committee

Our Stewardship Committee is composed of individuals who come from across the world and have deep knowledge of GBV prevention, are committed to our values and brings strategic connections and knowledge of the sector. They also bring expertise in areas such as organisational development and growth, communications and development innovation. The Stewardship Committee:

  • Guides the overall direction of the network, in particular living the values and maintaining focus on the vision and strategy;
  • Builds bridges with other initiatives;
  • Promotes our work to potential donors;
  • Contributes new ideas to forward our strategy. 
The Core Team

Our Core Team is geographically dispersed and collaborates virtually to forward our work. They bring unique perspectives and skill sets that ensure we have diversity of thought and experience. On a daily basis they work to forward our mission and strategy. The Core Team: 

  • Makes tactical decisions and actions to implement strategy;
  • Builds partnerships with individuals and organisations working in the field;
  • Promotes collaborative learning within the team and across the network;
  • Represents us at key forums and within critical dialogues.