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About us

We are a growing global network of activists, practitioners and researchers seeking to “re-imagine prevention.” We collaborate with others to synthesise and share learning from research and practice, and to apply this to support the development, innovation and adaption of effective violence prevention programmes.

  • Our Story

    We came together knowing that violence is preventable, but also knowing that the knowledge about what works does not always change how things are done. At a moment when more resources are entering the sector, we wanted to support the application of research and practice-based knowledge to improve prevention programming.


  • Our Values

    We are feminist-inspired and evidence-driven. We approach our work with humility, a dedication to intellectual rigour, and a commitment to combatting power inequalities wherever we encounter them  – starting with ourselves.


  • Our Team

    We are a group of practitioners, activists and researchers who share a core set of feminist values and the goal to improve prevention programming and increase the wellbeing of women and children in low resource settings.


  • Our Strategy

    We work to strengthen the ability of key actors in low resource settings to deliver cutting edge violence prevention interventions informed by research-based evidence, practice-based learning and feminist principles through four streams of work: knowledge, accompaniment, community and advocacy.


  • Our Governance

    We have endeavoured to create an adaptive organisational structure that supports our mission without stifling creativity, and that evolves as needs and opportunities change. We have a core team and a Stewardship Committee made up of individuals from around the world.


  • FAQ

    Interested to know more about the Prevention Collaborative and how you can get involved? Here are answers to a few of the questions that people are asking us.